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    x2 NZBPlanet Free Invites Giveaway

    i'd like to apply also..amazing ga u have here @SolidGolD
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    usenet indexer

    hey 32p is dead and iam looking for a new place to get my comics/magazines and thats why iam trying to get in to a good indexer with that content. no idea what the good indexers for those 2 categories are so ill just request an invite to those and let u guys decide !!
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    Best Private trackers for Softwares

    what kind of software? if its mac you need then brokenstones is the best by far..if its windows you need then no idea.
  4. K News - Officially dead

    32P Announcement - It's dead I know this isn't the news anyone was hoping for, but it's time to call it. We had a great run. First and foremost, I want to thank all of users, especially those that supported us financially to help us keep things running. Additionally, I want to really celebrate...
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    hey all

    after 15+ years of using torrents i thought of trying usenet a bit so i searched for the best place to be and so here i am :)