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Recent content by mckaleman

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    [Request] Omgwtfnzbs

    Looking for an invite to omgwtfnzbs site. If anyone has one to share I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Plex and pcloud

    Been using plex for years, never really go to much further then that using it. Within the last week i had to change my cloud back up service from Zoolz to pCloud. pCloud mounts a virtual drive on your PC to store your data. I linked my plex to the virtual hard drive and am now able to use that...
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    Hello All - Great to be here!

    Found the forum surfing the net. Im new to NZB Indexers, only about a week of using some free ones. Look forward to soaking up information on the forum.
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    x2 NZBPlanet Free Invites Giveaway

    @SolidGolD - when available please add me to the selection :)
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    [O], SimplyNZBs,, NZBfinder, NZBgeek, DOGnzb, DrunkenSlug. [W] omgwtfnzb, wtf, OZnzb, and luluNZB.

    I am new to indexers period, i use a couple of free ones but would like to get my hands on some better sites. So please feel free to send me any as i have none :)
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    Some Wtf[nZb] giveaway

    I would appreciate an invite!