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  1. Nerosutton

    Discord link icon

    Hi When I click on the Discord icon it takes me back to this forum. Is there a Discord forum for InviteForum? If so, what's the link address. If not, I'd suggest removing the icon. As a matter of fact, I have the same problem with the YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter icons. Just a suggestion...
  2. Nerosutton

    Fight Club Indexers

    There are a few Indexers that have 'Fight Club' rules but everyone talks about them anyway. The interesting thing to me is that people post in forums like this one requesting an invite to one of these Indexers. I have never heard of someone getting an invite to one of these Indexers thru a...
  3. Nerosutton

    x2 SimplyNZB Invites

    2 invites to SimplyNZB available for free. I use pay it forward rules. If you get an invite from me, you must promise to pay it forward by posting free invites from SimplyNZB here once you have them. First come, first served.
  4. Nerosutton

    Hello to All

    Hello Looking forward to enjoying this community. Nero