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InviteForum Rules


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  • Proxies/VPNs:
    Proxies, VPNs and TOR are not allowed at InviteForum. 90% of the scammers are those services, so we decided to disallow their usage.

  • Proofs:
    InviteForum staff members, may ask for unedited proofs of the accounts you are trying to trade. Like thousands other users, you have to trust the staff team. This is the only way, to keep this place safe.

  • Refunds:
    Every trader who gives an account and the account gets banned, must refund the other user (or find a fair solution) if it occurred within the 30 day period following the transaction. The rule does not apply for invites. Cases with banned invites, will be investigated by the staff team.

  • Dupe Accounts:
    Do not create duplicate accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.

  • Illegal Content:
    Posting any illegal content, files, or download links is not allowed. Anything posted on the forums that falls under these categories will be immediately deleted.

  • Advertising:
    Advertising any other forums/sites in public, via PMs or through any Instant Messengers, is not allowed. Posting referral or affiliate links is also against the rules.

  • Spam:
    Do not spam the board with useless posts to increase you post counter. If you like a post, you can press the "Like" button.

  • Threads:
    If you want to trade new trackers do not open a new thread. Post about those trackers on your old thread and ask from a staffer to edit the title.
    In case you want to post any news around the world, keep in mind that controversial threads about religions, politics etc are not allowed on IF.

  • Sales:
    Only legit, credible and honest sellers are allowed on InviteForum. Get 1 negative feedback of any buyer from the seller, That seller will be investigated thoroughly, The seller will be given 24 hours to prove himself as a fair seller, If he did not do so he will be banned permanently and even his dupe account also be banned from the forum system. InviteForum is the place only for the credible, true and legit sellers/traders.

  • Language:
    Do not use explicit language in the forums. Even if you feel that a user deserves it, just report him instead of starting a fight with him.
    Also keep in mind that only the English language is allowed in the forums.

  • Posting links of other forums/sites is not allowed. IMDB and Youtube links are allowed though.
  • Posting screenshots is also not allowed.
  • Be polite and don't fight with other users.
  • Do not try to trade or get free invites on the ChatBox. Use the forums instead.




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